Piotr Proszowski

Advent Of Code 2021 - Lessons Learned

TL;DR In this post I sum up my recent time spent on Advent Of Code 2021 puzzles. Instead of month it took me 3 months to solve all of them. I share new scars I gained during this period and some findings that weren’t obvious for me before starting (or I knew about but didn’t respect so they kicked my ass). You can check out my solutions here - I am aware that they are far from perfect so don’t hesistate to point out anything that could be done better in PR.

Awesome CLI

TL;DR This post is kind of a sales pitch of using Command Line Interface in programmer’s everyday work. I list all the things I appreciate in using shell, all my favourite tools, tips and tricks related to console with some description why I consider those awesome. I also share my personal config so anyone can have the same setup on own machine in seconds - just take a look at section about dotfiles Context I don’t know what was your thought process that led you to becoming software engineer, however I remember the moment when I decided to become one.